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Ďalšia Slovenka, pani Marta Styková, žijúca v Kanade so svojím mužom Albertom Stykom po veľa-veľa rokov, opustila tento svet. Zomrela v auguste 2023 v mestečku White Rock vo Veľkom Vancouveri a odišla za svojím mužom a synom Igorom do Večnosti.

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Pani Marta bola pre mňa ako staršia sestra, na ktorú som sa mohol obrátiť vždy, keď bolo treba. Bola aktívnou členkou našej Slovenskej farnosti sv. Cyrila a Metoda v New Westminsteri do tých čias, pokiaľ jej to zdravotný stav dovoloval. Bola Slovenkou, telom aj dušou. Bola kronikárkou našej farnosti, od ktorej som čerpal informácie o histórii farnosti pre časopis Slovo z Britskej Kolumbie.

knazi vo farnosti
Na základe zápiskov p.Marty napísala Mária Vrabčeková článok o kňazoch slovenskej farnosti sv. Cyrila a Metoda do 3.čísla časopisu Slovo z Britskej Kolumbie 

Pani Marta mala dar vyrozprávať obyčajné príhody spôsobom, že čitateľ s túžbou očakával pokračovanie príbehu. Takýmito príhodami boli príbehy o kravičkách jalovičkách Jahode a Maline. 

Jahoda a Malina
Tieto milé úsmevné príbehy, vyrozprávané majsterkou-rozprávkárkou, obveselovali čitateľov Slova z BC v prvých 9 číslach časopisu.

Pani Marta bola maliarka. Maľovala prírodu, kvety, zátišia, z ktorých vyžaroval mier a pokoj. Svojimi obrazmi skrášlovala každoročné predvianočné predaje pečiva a ručných prác (Craft and bake sales), ktoré majú vyše 20-ročnú tradíciu v našej farnosti.

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Na konci pohrebnej sv. omše 26.augusta 2023 maliarske umenie pani Marty Stykovej ocenil aj správca farnosti sv. Cyrila a Metoda v New Westminsteri, náš duchovný Otec Janko Kuneš, ktorý pani Marte Stykovej poďakoval za všetko, čo pre našu farnosť spravila.

Jank Kuneš

Dcéra pani Marty Stykovej, Dana Styk, sa s mamičkou rolúčila takouto „Eulogy“:


Mom had a profound and positive impact on my life. I have and will always have such deep admiration and respect for her qualities and how she influenced me to be who I am today. Her strength, boldness, trustworthiness, dedication, focus, and smarts played a significant role. She also showed me love, stability, security, compassion and laughter. 

I will never forget her choices and sacrifices for Igor and me. One circumstance that always plays back in my mind is when she found out that the quarter-size birthmark on her belly turned cancerous while pregnant with my brother. The doctors wanted her to aboard him so she could save herself. She refused, putting herself at an even greater risk of dying. It took a lot out of her and a long time to recover from cobalt treatment while still teaching and caring for her newborn. She recovered (thank god!) because I wouldn’t be here today giving this eulogy… It indeed was terrific that she was able to be here this long. God was on her side, and I am very grateful for that. 

She was a great artist—a passionate one at that. Watercolours and acrylics were her mediums. Whenever she had a chance, she was there, lost within her studio, painting away; she loved painting flowers out of her magical gardens.

She was also a wonderful storyteller. I loved listening to her stories about their cows and dogs having little adventures on the acreage on the outskirts of Calgary. She even tried writing a children’s book a few years ago about Bodrik, their husky, taking an adventure into the big city. She got it published and marketed. Unfortunately, that’s as far it got. But in my eyes, it’s a beautiful story for kids. She was a fantastic lady who had accomplished so much during her lifetime. A visionary, doer and charismatic soul. She has a lot of story ideas on paper, which she never had time to consummate. Maybe I can help her fulfill that dream one day. 

Having a role model like my mom shaped my values, aspirations, and personal growth. Remembering and cherishing her positive qualities influenced, motivated and guided me throughout my life. I have only emulated her qualities to carry forward her legacy of strength and character, which she imparted to me. 

Mom also loved poetry and talked many times about being a bird flying, so I like to recite one…

The sky was black
Against the moonlight night.
And there I sat,
With the stars shining bright.
There, I ponder on days gone by
As I look up into the dark sky.
I see a lit airplane way up high,
And I wish that someday I could fly.
I’d soar like an eagle-
I’d glide like a dove.
I’d land like a seagull-
Wind beneath my wings, I would love.

Hopefully, you can do that now…Rest in peace, my sweet mom; one day, we will reunite with Dad and Igor at your side. Until then, Lucia, Nika, and I will cherish all the memories we shared and that you instilled in our hearts.

Dana Styk

Takto o sebe napísala sama pani Marta pri katalógu svojich malieb:

Marta StykI was born in Belgium, educated in Slovakia, where I taught history and geography, also art, because of my early interest in it. My family immigrated in 1970 to Canada, where my new work assignments took my life path fortunately towards art. I worked over 20 years for Calgary University as a photography , graphic arts and cartography technician, took art classes at U of C and became active in art clubs. Painting became my favorite activity, I could honestly say that I became addicted to it. 

I deepend my art knowledge by taking courses from admired and accomplished artist like Mike O'Toole, Tony Couch, Brent Heighton, Robert Genn and many others.

From the begining I painted in watercolors and my favorite subject were flowers [my garden was full of them]. Lately i use mostly acrylics and for figurative images conte and pastels. I gather my subject matter from the breathtaking mother nature itself. When we travel across North American expanse in our motorhome, I sketch, paint, take snap shots of the area. Once back in my studio I use collected material as a source of inspiration for my paintings.

Today my paintings are in many private and corporate collections.

Finaly I feel that my life has gone a full circle, and in some way completed in a roundabout way the journey, that was initially set out for me.

Pani Marta Styk, nielen že ste študovali spolu s mojou sestrou Annou Starostovou koncom 40-tych rokov minulého storočia na učiteľkom ústave v Nitre, ale boli ste akoby mojou staršou sestrou aj tu, v ďalekej Kanade. Vďaka. 

kostolPán Boh nech Vám odplatí všetko, čím ste sa pričinili o dobro našej slovenskej farnosti sv. Cyrila a Metoda v New Westminsteri, na Ďalekom Západe Kanady, v Britskej Kolumbii. 

Odpočívajte v pokoji. Nech Vám je zem Kanadská ľahká. 

Jozef Starosta



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